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My name is Aidan Hill, Candidate for Mayor of Berkeley this 2020 election. Know that I am thinking of you and your families during these challenging times. As an affiliate of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, am worried about the state of our world. We are in a moment of history that relies on our political decisions to positively affect our future. Enrolled as a student at UC Berkeley, I am advised by world leaders in climate science and public policy. Being Vice-Chair of Berkeley's Homeless Commission, I maintain relations with service providers. I continue to use my voice and position for environmental justice and human rights.
Support Us

Basic Needs

I have seen first-hand how the costs of food and rent burden Berkeley families. In July, Berkeleyside interviewed residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. One resident stated, “You just watch the number in your bank account keep dropping. I have two step-kids. That’s been a real focus for me.” Stories like these reinforce my belief in supporting our basic needs. I reaffirmed our city's commitment to providing long-term housing subsidies for families. Likewise, I recommended Measure O and P funds to provide clean water, sanitation, plus waste management city-wide. As Mayor, I will have a budget to support housing, food security, and child care for Berkeley residents.

Mental Health and Essential Medicine

In June, our Deputy City Manager surveyed Berkeleyans. Those surveyed said, “the single greatest difficulty of the pandemic is Mental Health." 2020 has left an imprint on my heart. The environmental destruction, loss of life, along with politics are often too much to take in. It is important that we fund mental health support for all residents especially our youth. Lifelong Medical Care, Sutter Health, and Alta Bates Summit deserve funding. Legal aid, dental health, and essential medicine are necessary for our city's future.

Quality of Life

In 1986, Our city passed the Public Parks and Open Space Preservation Ordinance. Voters demanded Berkeley to preserve parks with open space for every neighborhood. On Telegraph Avenue, I work with small businesses, students, and residents to preserve our open green space. Serving with East Bay Food Not Bombs, I have helped provide food security for residents. Likewise, I coordinate community gardens around our city supporting nutritional health. My goal is to provide healthy food for grocery stores, cafeterias, and hospitals. As Mayor, I will promote parks along with food access in each district to support healthy living.

Emergency Preparedness

Berkeleyans, I share your fears of wildfires especially as our sky clouds with ash. I remember when the Paradise Fires left us with dangerous air. It becomes more important to create barriers against heat accompanying respiratory illnesses. With the potential of power outages, emergency readiness is growing more important. Berkeley Ready is hosting an online presentation about emergency preparedness. You can find the links below I look forward to providing more resources in the years to come. Elected Mayor, I will continue coordinating with staff to design a welcoming and climate-resilient city.

Vote Aidan Hill Mayor of Berkeley

Voting begins October 5th and ends November 3rd, 2020

Our leaders must be willing to preserve our community's health and safety now more than ever. I am honored for this opportunity serving you by running for Mayor of Berkeley. If you feel inclined, please donate to our campaign. We are using Berkeley's Public Financing program city matching funds. Every $10 donation by Berkeley residents gives our campaign $60. You have the power to elect a Mayor responding to the needs of our city. Healthcare, food security, and climate security. It would be an honor to become your Berkeley Mayor-Elect this 2020 election.

Plan to Vote

I urge everyone to make a voting plan ahead of election day. You can register online at Resources are available at the City of Berkeley and Secretary of State websites. Berkeley will have a secure 24-hour drop box at 2180 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA 94704. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my campaign team at or on social media: @VoteAHill. Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
More resources and information coming soon.
Your Neighbor,
Aidan Hill
Candidate for Berkeley Mayor 2020
"Berkeley for All of Us"
Aidan Hill is a Candidate for Berkeley Mayor 2020. They are the current Vice-Chair of the City of Berkeley Homeless Commission and is stewarding Ohlone Land at Peoples Park. for More Information contact: "Berkeley for #AllofUs"
Aidan Hill is a Candidate for Berkeley Mayor 2020. They are the current Vice-Chair of the City of Berkeley Homeless Commission and is stewarding Ohlone Land at Peoples Park. for More Information contact: "Berkeley for #AllofUs"